What to do with an old air hockey table?

Sure, air hockey is a great game – but what do you do with an old air hockey table?

Like most people, you probably just let it sit in the basement or garage, gathering dust.

But you can do a few things with an old air hockey table! Here are a few ideas:

Donate or sell it to a local thrift store

Tired of that old air hockey table taking up valuable real estate in your basement? Didn’t think so.

Instead of just leaving it there and hoping it’ll be helpful again one day, why not use it?

Donating or selling it to a local thrift store would ensure it’s going to a forever home that appreciates secondhand items.

A still-working air hockey table can bring hours of fun to many people, and the revenues generated through the thrift store could help those less fortunate.

You can even say you got a bigger bang for your buck – after all, you’re giving something out of nothing this time!

What to do with an old air hockey table

Donate it to a local school or community center

If you have an air hockey table sitting around and collecting dust, why not give it some new life?

Donate it to a local school or community center.

The kids will get a kick out of the game, and maybe you’ll even inspire the next generation of Olympic-level athletes!

Plus, think of how proud you’ll be knowing that your old table is helping others.

It never felt so good to clear out the clutter.

Use it as a coffee table in your living room

If you’re looking for a unique solution to spice up your living room, why not use an air hockey table as your coffee table?

Not only is this sure to make an interesting conversation starter amongst your guests, but it’s also a great way of spontaneously adding a bit of fun and competition to get-togethers.

Who knows, maybe you’ll end up hosting a regular games night with your friends and family.

Plus, the best bit is that when the coffee’s finished, there are always more pucks!

And not just coffee -you can also use it as a kitchen table or a buffet table.

Just use your imagination, and you can make a unique statement in any room with an old air hockey table.

Turn it into a planter for your favorite plants

Give that old air hockey table a new life! Repurpose it into an incredible planter for your favorite plants.

It won’t come with a blower, but it will bring serious style to any garden or patio.

Plant herbs, vegetables, and flowers to lend an air of lushness without “removing” the game atmosphere.

Everyone will discuss this creative transformation that gives retro gaming components a new purpose.

Turn it into a game table for board games

Air hockey tables can be repurposed into a great spot for playing board games.

The level surface is perfect for rolling dice, and the sides are just the right height for holding pieces in place during play.

Not to mention, you get to keep that nostalgic air hockey vibe.

It’s an awesome way to bring extra fun into the family game night!

Another benefit is that your kids will leave the screens alone and enjoy some good old-fashioned board games.

Upcycle it into a unique piece of art

What to do with an old air hockey table? Well, here’s an idea – upcycle it into a unique piece of art!

It might not seem the most obvious solution, but hear (or rather, see) us out!

You can be creative, use different colored paints, and incorporate textures and items from nature, like leaves and twigs, into your design.

Once it dries, you’ll have created a one-of-a-kind masterpiece right in your home.

Now that’s some serious upcycling!

Or, you can get rid of it…

Of course, you can always take the easiest route and get rid of it.

You could contact a local scrap dealer or try out one of the many online services to find someone willing to collect your unwanted table for free.

At least then, you won’t have to feel guilty about hoarding something that’s taking up precious space in your home.

Want more ideas? Check out my guide about how to get rid of an air hockey table.

Whatever you decide, I hope this article helped spark some ideas for what to do with an old air hockey table!


If you’ve been meaning to get rid of that old piece of furniture but don’t know how I have some creative ideas for you.

While a donation is always a great option, sometimes you can’t part with something that has sentimental value.

In those cases, why not upcycle it into something new and unique?

I hope this list has inspired you to see your old furniture in a new light.

If I missed one of your favorite ways to repurpose furniture, leave a comment below or visit my other blog posts for more interesting ideas.

The possibilities are endless for old air hockey tables – your imagination is the limit!

So get creative, and have fun with it.

Who knows? You may even discover a hidden talent for upcycling.

So what are you going to do with your old air hockey table? Let me know!

And until then – happy upcycling! 🤩 🎨🧑‍🎨 😊


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