How to make an air hockey table faster?

Are you looking for ways to make your air hockey table faster and more intense? Then, you’ve come to the right place!

We all know how fun it can be competing against friends or family on an air hockey table, but sometimes things can get a little too slow – nobody likes those long-winded, back ‘n fourth games that take hours to finish.

So if you’re after a turbocharged game of air hockey, then read on!

In this blog post, we’ll share our top tips and tricks for making your air hockey table faster than ever before.

How to make an air hockey table faster

Choose the Right Air Hockey Table – Buy a table with good airflow and speed settings

Are you seeking the perfect air hockey table for your family game night?

Then it would be best to consider buying one with good airflow and speed settings.

But don’t worry; this is not rocket science!

All you have to do is be mindful of the size of the fan, the quality of the playing surface, and the material construction when shopping.

Getting a good quality product that won’t disappoint your kids is worth taking these steps!

Of course, getting an air hockey table with top-notch features doesn’t mean you have to break the bank.

Just set aside some research time and find one that fits your needs and budget – it’s as simple as that!

Improve the Quality of Your Air Hockey Pucks – Upgrade your pucks for more speed

If you want to dominate the air hockey table, why not upgrade your pucks and add extra speed?

Your game will never be the same again – trust me! So whether you fancy beating your friends or want a bit of extra challenge for yourself, upgrading your pucks can be a great way to switch up the game.

Faster pucks mean more intense passes and shots, leading to faster-paced games with unpredictable outcomes.

With more speed and a better grip than regular store-bought ones, upgraded pucks may even cause a stir amongst your friends.

So don’t hesitate – level up your skills, get an upgrade, and see who comes out on top!

Clean Out The Holes in The Table – This will help improve the airflow and speed of your table

A few simple steps can provide relief when dealing with a slow-playing table.

Start by cleaning out the holes in the tabletop – dust, dirt, and debris can bog down air flow and performance.

Just be sure it isn’t your opponents slowing you down – then you’ll have to look for other solutions!

This first step is often enough to get your game running as smoothly as silk.

Install A High-Speed Fan – A high-speed fan will increase the speed of your air hockey table significantly

When you’re playing a game of air hockey, the last thing you want is for your table to slow down.

That’s why you should consider investing in a high-speed fan, which will give your table a nice power boost and keep the competition going quickly! Not only will the resulting speed make games more thrilling, but it’ll also improve your playing ability when responding to high-velocity shots!

So why wait? Get yourself a fan and see just how fast air hockey can get!

Make Sure The Surface of your hockey table is Smooth by using waxing or silicon spray

Keeping your hockey table in top condition is essential for all the tricks and strategies you plan to pull off during your game.

Regularly wax or spray the table’s surface with a silicon-based product to maintain a playable surface.

Even if you don’t think a single spray could make all the difference, remember, little things add up!

You’ll be surprised at how smooth and swift each puck glide can be once you ensure your hockey table receives this moment of tender loving care.

Keep Your air hockey Table Well Maintained – Make sure you regularly clean and maintain it to keep it in top condition

Taking advantage of a shiny air hockey table that provides hours of fun is always satisfying.

Keep it free from dirt and dust to ensure the best playing surface possible. If your table has been in storage, thoroughly clean it before use so you don’t miss out on any precious points due to unmet expectations!

Regular maintenance keeps you in the game, so what are you waiting for?

Frequently asked questions

How do you fix the airflow on an air hockey table?

Are you looking to get your air hockey table back in top form?

First, look at the fan; dust or debris could block the airflow.

If there’s dust on the air holes, you can clean it up using a tiny vacuum.

Then, check that all the ducts and openings are properly sealed so that no air can escape.

Additionally, adjust the air blower setting on the side of the table; this will help determine just how much air is being released.

Follow these steps, and your air hockey table will work like a charm!

Can you replace the fan on an air hockey table?

Need to replace the fan on your air hockey table? No problem!

First, you’ll need to access it; it should be underneath the table in the middle of the motor assembly.

Then, unplug the old fan.

Contact the supplier or fan manufacturer, and buy the same model as your air hockey table fan.

 Replace it with a new one.

Ensure it is securely attached so you don’t have problems when powering up your table again.

With this done, your air hockey table will soon be ready for intense competition.

In conclusion

Air hockey is entertaining and exciting, and having the proper setup can make all the difference in how much you enjoy it.

With simple tips, getting the most out of your air hockey table is easy.

First, make sure to buy a quality table with good airflow and speed settings, upgrade your pucks for better speed, keep your holes clean to help improve airflow, invest in

a high-speed fan to boost the speed even more, wax or silicon spray your surface so it stays smooth, and lastly, remember to clean and maintain your table regularly.

With these tips, you will surely enjoy playing on one of the fastest air hockey tables!


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