Do air hockey mallets need felt?

If you’re an air hockey fan looking to get the best out of your playing experience, then there’s one question you may be wondering: Do air hockey mallets need felt on them?

While it might seem like an unnecessary or redundant extra step, adding a bit of felt onto the end of your mallet can significantly impact how well you play.

This blog post explores how feeling on your mallet benefits players and table surfaces.

We’ll also examine the best adhesives when attaching the felt to the puck-hitting surface.

So, keep reading even if you know nothing about air hockey tactics or equipment. By the end, you’ll understand why having some strategically placed felt can drastically improve your game!

What is an air hockey mallet, and why must it be felt?

An air hockey mallet hits the puck in an air hockey game.

It is a small, handheld paddle usually made of a plastic material called Lexan polycarbonate resin. The side of the mallet that contacts the puck is covered with a layer of felt.

This felt is essential to the game as it reduces friction between the mallet and the puck, making it glide faster and smoother.

The mallets would stick to the table without feeling, making the game less exciting.

The felt also protects the table’s surface from getting scratched or damaged by the mallets; the felt also reduces noise.

In summary, the felt on an air hockey mallet is an essential component of the game and makes the game more enjoyable for all players.

Do air hockey mallets need felt

Different Types of Mallets in air hockey table

Attention all air hockey enthusiasts!

Did you know that there are three main categories of air hockey mallets?

The first type is a modified mallet perfect for a full-sized professional air hockey table.

Those mallets are sturdy and robust materials that can endure constant air hockey playing without getting chipped or cracked; they’re designed to exert the right amount of force on the puck and provide prolonged comfort during use.

The second type is designed for standard-sized tables; that type of mallet is made of materials that are slightly lighter but still strong enough to ensure the game’s smoothness, their ergonomic design ensures that they are not only comfortable but also durable.

The third mallet type is specially designed for home air hockey table setups. 

They are usually made from non-brittle ABS polymer material of high quality.

This mallet type is intended to provide a more comfortable experience for the player since it can be used with less force.

That type of mallet is durable and affordable.

Choosing the correct mallet type can elevate your game and make it much easier to take on your opponents.

So whether you’re just starting or a seasoned pro, select the proper mallet for your needs and prepare for some intense air hockey action!

How to Properly Attach Felt to Your Air Hockey Mallet? 

When it comes to air hockey, having the proper mallet can make all the difference in your gameplay.

A critical aspect of your mallet is the felt on the bottom.

Properly attaching felt can ensure a smooth and effortless glide across the table and prevent any damage to the table itself.

To properly attach felt to your air hockey mallet, start by tracing the shape of your mallet onto the felt and cut it out.

Then, apply a small amount of adhesive to the bottom of the mallet and press the felt firmly onto it.

Clear any wrinkles or bubbles, and allow ample time for the adhesive to dry before using.

For those who want to get ready-to-stick felt pads effortlessly, you can order them online.

This product is easy to use.

First, remove the paper on the back to reveal the adhesive side.

Next, carefully attach the felt pad to the air hockey mallet.

Keep Ensuring that the felt pad is a secure fit for optimal performance.

Following these simple steps, you can ensure your mallet is tip-top for your next air hockey game.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my air hockey puck slide better?

Want to take your air hockey game to the next level? You’re in luck!

There’s a simple fix to make your puck glide like a dream.

You only need to grab some lubricant and spray a little on the surface.

Then, with a clean cloth, wipe it down to create a slick surface perfect for high-speed action.

This easy trick will improve your gameplay, making it easier to score that game-changing goal.

So give your air hockey table a little TLC, and get ready to dominate your next game!

What size are air hockey paddles/mallets?

Want to know the perfect size for your air hockey paddles?

Look no further!

They are typically 3.78 inches in diameter and stand 2.5 inches tall, making them the perfect size for most standard air hockey tables.

These dimensions give you the ideal grip and maneuverability for powerful shots and accurate passes.

So get your game on with the perfectly sized paddles and dominate the competition!

In conclusion

So there you have it! You now know what an air hockey mallet is, why it needs felt, the different types and benefits of felt for it, and how to attach adequately felt to it.

Whatever option you choose, proper care and maintenance will ensure your equipment lasts longer, and you can get the best out of any game.

Remember: practice makes perfect in any sport or hobby!

With that thought in mind, have fun playing with friends and family – and don’t forget to enjoy the game!

Happy Playing!


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