What to look for when buying a used air hockey table?

Are you looking to buy a used air hockey table but unsure what to look for? Knowing what signs of damage and wear can help you get the most out of your purchase, so don’t just pull up at your local garage sale without researching first.

With a few tips, you can purchase a used air hockey table that will last for years!

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Warping or Abnormalities

Check the playfield for any warps or irregularities indicating water damage or other potential problems.

It pays to do more than a cursory inspection to ensure your playfield stays in tip-top shape.

Keep an eye out for any signs of warping or irregularities that may indicate water damage; if the playfield feels springy, the moisture could be doing its job and bubbling up the surface.

Check air holes; they don’t stay dry forever and can lead to game-stranding malfunctions.

Take a little extra time to be thorough in your checks!

You’ll thank yourself later (and so will your playfield).

What to look for when buying a used air hockey table

Air Holes

Examine the air holes closely to make sure they are not blocked and will provide adequate airflow during play.

Pay attention to the air holes; it’s not just a request; it’s essential!

A blocked air hole can cause your playfield to suffer from inadequate airflow, and let’s face it, who wants that?!

It won’t help the gameplay or your wallet if you have to do repairs.

So forget the strange looks you get when examining; take your time assessing those precious air holes.

Make sure they are entirely unblocked before you start playing!

Legs and Frame

Assemble the playfield and check if everything’s in good condition!

Make sure the legs are sturdy, and therein lies your stability.

Don’t forget about the frame; it should be as strong as your determination to beat that high score; it’s just another level we must conquer!

It needs to hold up under increased activity, so you don’t have to worry about issues like warping or moisture damage.

Make sure the air holes are examined closely.

Any abnormalities will be a red flag.

Bottom line: watch for anything that would ruin your game night fun!

Strikers and Pucks

Inspect the strikers and pucks for any dings, scratches, or breaks that could affect their performance during a game.

Examining every ding, scratch, and break, sure, they might look imperceptible but trust us when we say that they could significantly affect the performance of your games!

Strikers and pucks are such integral components of the game (really, it wouldn’t be a thing without them!) that their condition should always be kept up to par.

Failing to do so could set your well-thought plans for victory by the wayside.

On the flip side? Taking concrete steps to ensure that your strikers and pucks are in tip-top shape will pay off big time with unbeatable performance.

Power Requirements

Determine if the air hockey table requires a 120v or 220v outlet, as some models may require special wiring to power them correctly.

When buying an air hockey table, think ‘electrification’! Ensuring you have the correct wiring for your particular model is essential. A 120v outlet might work for a tabletop version, but larger tables may require an additional 220v – now that’s a lot of power! If you don’t check, you might have an expensive decoration instead of a fun and competitive game. So, power up and select the proper amperage before making your perfect purchase.


Ask about accessories that enhance your air hockey experience, such as scoreboards, extra pucks, special mallets, etc.

Ready for an intense air hockey match but want to take it up a notch?

Don’t settle for the basics- consider asking about accessories that can upgrade your experience!

Ideally, you’ll want some scoreboards to keep track of epic victories (or losses…), extra pucks in case some get stuck in the depths of an air hole, and mallets with unique designs or lights that bring the arcade-style atmosphere home.

Whether playing solo or hosting a tournament, these additions can transform a game night.

Frequently asked questions

What is a mallet in air hockey?

Ever wondered what those tiny hand-held discs are for in an air hockey game? Well, they’re called mallets!

These lightweight devices designed by the sport’s inventors have a flat bottom surface that allows you to slide the puck around with minimal effort easily. Mallets are essential in any round of air hockey, as they provide the perfect balance between speed and control, allowing players to take full advantage of the low-friction playing surface below.

What are the paddles called in air hockey?

Air hockey is a thrilling two-player sport that tests your skills, reflexes, and – of course – your ability to wield a ‘mallet.’

These unique pushers (also known as paddles) are integral to the game, as they are used to defend and attack your opponents.

With some practice and skill, you could send that puck flying across the low-friction surface like a champ in no time!

How do air hockey pucks float?

Have you ever wondered why air hockey pucks seem to “float” so gracefully on the table? Like most impressive feats of science, some severe technology is at play!

Thousands of tiny holes in the playfield create an air cushion, further pushed along by electric pumps.

This creates a magical effect on the puck, allowing it to float almost as if it were playing its mini-game of ice hockey!

In conclusion

Checking the condition of an air hockey table before purchase is essential to ensure you get the best, long-lasting game experience.

Warping or abnormalities, air holes, legs and frame, strikers and pucks, power requirements, and accessories must all be considered to guarantee that your table is up to snuff.

Ensure everything looks good and you’re ready for a whirl on the ice.

Get that puck into the goal and relish in the wins to come!


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