Air Hockey Table: How Does it work?

Do you remember the first time you played air hockey?

The feeling of the puck gliding across the table, the sound of it hitting the paddle, and the thrill of scoring a goal.

If you’re like most people, that feeling never goes away.

But have you ever wondered how an air hockey table works? If so, you’re in luck!

This blog post will examine the science behind air hockey tables and explain why they are such a fun game. 

So keep reading to find out.

Air Hockey Table How Does it work

It might surprise you that air hockey tables are powered by fans and a cushion of air.

Tiny holes drilled across the playing field create an air-tight seal between the puck and table surface, allowing the fan to blow air up from underneath.

This creates a cushion of air that keeps the puck “levitating” on top of the playing field. 

This air cushion allows for low friction between the puck and the table’s plastic-covered surface, which helps players hit the puck back and forth quickly without it ever coming to rest or getting stuck anywhere on the field.

As a result, players can score goals more quickly during their games. 

This allows players to move the puck quickly without being stopped in its tracks.

The lack of friction means consistent speed throughout each match, so you don’t have to worry about random slowdowns or speed boosts during gameplay.

Another factor contributing to an exciting game is the presence of electronic sensors located around the edges of some tables.

These sensors detect when players hit or miss shots as well as which player scores goals.

This information is then sent to an LED scoreboard on top of the table, which records each player’s score in real-time, creating an engaging gaming experience for everyone involved. 

Players can use their hands or paddles to increase or decrease the speed at which they hit or deflect the puck around.

But this additional control won’t cause any lasting changes in how quickly (or slowly) it moves.

While it may seem a bummer that your skill level won’t affect game speed, this helps ensure fairness between players – regardless of who has more experience playing air hockey.

The interior circuitry also plays an important role in running an air hockey table.

It allows for various features such as sound effects, automated scoring mechanisms, and electronic buttons.

Players can adjust settings like difficulty level or the number of goals required for winning before beginning a new game session.

What to do if the air hockey table fan is not working

If you have a broken fan or your fan is starting to make problems – don’t worry! This is one of the most common problems experienced by air hockey table owners.

It can happen for various reasons, from dust buildup to an improperly connected electrical connection.

The symptoms of a broken fan are fairly easy to spot.

If your fan is not producing any sound or airflow, there’s a good chance that something has gone wrong.

Other signs include rattling noises from the table or strange smells from the fan motor.

How To Fix A Broken Fan On An Air Hockey Table

Cleaning the fan blades is one of the first steps in fixing a broken fan on an air hockey table.

This should be done with a soft cloth to remove any dust particles which may have collected over time.

You should also check all the electrical connections and ensure they are properly connected and securely fastened so they don’t work during playtime.

Additionally, take some time to inspect each part of the fan assembly and make sure they are properly aligned and attached correctly before operating your air hockey table again.

If necessary, you may need to replace parts such as the bearings or blades if they are cracked or damaged beyond repair.

Lastly, keep your fan clean by regularly wiping off any dust or debris that may accumulate over time.

Dust is the biggest enemy of all electric motors, so it’s essential to keep your air hockey table fan clean all the time if you want it to work optimally.

By following these tips, you should be able to get your air hockey table back up and running in no time!


It’s amazing how much engineerIt’sgoes into something as simple as an air hockey table!

At first glance, they may seem like just another game in an arcade, but beneath its smooth surface lies an ingenious combination of physics principles and electronics that keeps it running smoothly and adds excitement to every match played on it.

Whether you’re looking for casual entertainment or serious competition, an air hockey table is sure to please.

So get out there and start playing!

Until then, don’t forget to visit my other blog posts for more cool facts about air hockey tables.

And don’t forget to leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading, and have fun playing air hockey tonight!


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